Old Sachs-Dolmar chainsaw parts

Written by jeffery keilholtz | 13/05/2017
Old Sachs-Dolmar chainsaw parts
Hand-held chainsaws have been on the market for years. (cutting with chainsaw image by KtD from Fotolia.com)

Sachs-Dolmar has been a leader in chainsaw equipment for many years. Established in 1927, Emil Lerp, founder of the Dolmar Company, created the original gas powered chainsaw, according to the Dolmar website. Over the course of the 20th century, Dolmar models have led the way in chainsaw innovation and reliability.

Handlebar specs

Old Dolmar chainsaws, such as the 1949 Model CL, include solid handlebar attachments, according to Acres Internet. Dual end handlebars composed of rigid metal handles allow two users to simultaneously guide the CL along its cutting path. Short guide handlebar length options extended 50 cm (20 inches) while the longest handlebars ranged 150 cm (60 inches). The chainsaw oil pump was also located on one of the two handlebar ends.

Engine specs

Groupings of cylinders and pistons functioned to power CL motors and operate saw chains. According to Acres Internet, cylinder bores and piston strokes both extended 68mm (2 3/4 inches). Every engine was equipped with a Bosch 145 spark plug, a centrifugal clutch and a heavy bevel gear transmission. All of these components contributed to the CL's overall maximum power of 3,600 RPM and its bulky 44.9 kg (99 lbs).

Fuel tank

The CL fuel tank connected to the engine and oil pump through a variety of pumps and filters. Specifically, according to Acres Internet, the CL fuel oil ratio was 20:1. Once fully fuelled the CL was powered on by an "automatic rewind" pull string. The model CL was one of the first chainsaws in the world to operate on standard petrol fuel.

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