Tractor Gifts for Guys

Written by stephanie rempe | 13/05/2017
Tractor Gifts for Guys
A die cast model of a tractor is one tractor gift for guys. (farm tractor image by CraterValley Photo from

No matter what occasion you are shopping for, finding the just the right gift for men can be quite a challenge. When you take into consideration your guy's hobbies and passions, you have a number of options to think about. Suitable gifts for the avid tractor collector include memorabilia, pieces with historical significance, or everyday useful things they can wear or display in their homes.


A book on the history of tractors is just the thing for a tractor buff or serious collector. Look for books that highlight the kinds of tractors your guy likes and are focused on the history of the tractors. A large coffee table book, such as "Legendary Farm Tractors: A Photographic History" by Andrew Morland, is a good idea that is informative and is a great conversation piece. It has over 640 photos of tractors from around world dating back to the late 19th century.

Die Cast Model

When searching for a tractor gift for your guy take into account the manufacturer of tractors he prefers and find a die cast model. Find a licensed seller of die cast models for this gift to ensure it has accurate style and markings to make it look authentic. A farm equipment dealer sometimes has die cast model tractors for sale in their showrooms that match some of the models in their equipment yard.

Framed Photo

A framed photograph of a classic tractor makes a great tractor gift for a tractor enthusiast. Look for a photo of an old John Deere tractor or a Massey Ferguson tractor and pair it with an antique frame for character. While the tractor enthusiast may instantly know all about the tractor in the picture, include a note describing the history of the tractor in the photograph. This kind of detail and thoughtfulness makes the gift that much more meaningful.


It can be difficult to find an appropriate gift of jewellery for guys. Cuff links shaped like tractors are just the right choice. Online sites or jewellery stores have styles and material from which to choose. Personalise the gift by choosing a sterling silver set and engraving them with your guy's name and date of gift occasion. A watch showcasing a picture of an antique tractor on the face is a terrific tractor gift for guys.

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