Tools of a Colonial Gunsmith

Written by jennifer moore | 13/05/2017
Tools of a Colonial Gunsmith
The gunsmith was an important trade in Colonial America. (Comstock/Comstock/Getty Images)

The gunsmith of colonial America needed a variety of tools to make and work on guns. In Europe, the gun was made by more than one person. As the new colonies developed in America, the gunsmith became a one-person trade. The gunsmith would repair guns, modify guns, and build guns.

Boring Bench

The boring bench is used to create the calibre of the gun. The barrel is bored to create whichever calibre is desired.

Rifling Bench

The rifling bench pulled a cutting rod with a cutter through the barrel to create seven grooves. The grooves made the rifle more accurate in shooting.

Pan Borer

A pan borer was used to cut the depression of the lock to hold the priming charge. This priming charge sets the detonation.

Tools of other Trades

Not only did the gunsmith have the three specific tools of the trade, he also had to use blacksmith tools and woodworking tools. The forge, bellows, anvils, hammers, reamers, and files were all blacksmith tools used by the gunsmith. Planes, saws, and rasps were the woodworking tools that the gunsmith relied on to create and finish the rifle.

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