Goldfish Pond Plants

Written by lori blair | 13/05/2017
Goldfish Pond Plants
A successful goldfish pond will contain a number of plants. (Jupiterimages/ Images)

Once considered a luxury, goldfish ponds are easy to maintain. Goldfish may nibble vegetation but will not eat plants, widening the selection of plants that will work in a goldfish pond, although you should still confirm that the plants you buy are not poisonous to fish. Goldfish will be happiest when provided with places to hide from predators, places to spawn and lots of oxygen, so providing them with pond plants is a must.

Beautiful Blooms

Tall water canna lilies have upright leaves and multiple attractive flowers that continuously bloom. They come in many colours and prefer partial sun.

The delicate lavender flowers of the water hyacinth make it a lovely addition to a goldfish pond. The robust plant floats on top of the water and provides shelter for spawning.

Flowering watercress will erupt into a multitude of small white flowers in early spring. Watercress can be grown in moving water and enjoys partial shade.

Iris is a flowering plant that will grow very well along the edges of a pond. It comes in many different colours.

Oxygenating and Hard-working

Though often recommended for its oxygenating and waste management capabilities, anacharis is an invasive plant and is prohibited in many areas. An alternative is hornwort. Hornwort grows underwater and keeps the pond clean as well as oxygenated.

Mare's-tail is an upright, feathery plant that can be grown around the edges of the pond.

With its long, submerged stems, water thyme helps to keep pond water clean and full of oxygen. The graceful plant grows well in full sun to partial shade.

Easy Care

Once the hibiscus plant receives sunlight and regular pond fertilising treatments its needs are met. The flowers tend to be vibrant and are often white, red and pink.

The hardy water soldier sinks into the water in the winter and re-emerges in the spring. A floating plant, the water soldier will provide shade and shelter to goldfish.

Parrot's feather is extremely easy to grow and will flourish in rock crevices, by waterfalls and in streams. It can grow upright or across the water, providing oxygen and spawning places for goldfish.

Popular Pleasers

Lotus are floating water lilies with flowers that are often pink or white. A popular pond plant, they are vigorous and can cover a small pond, preventing algae development. A fragrant flower, the lotus enjoys sunshine.

In warm climates elephant ears can be kept outside year round. In cooler areas they are treated like an annual. They are favoured among pond owners because they are easy to maintain and have large, attractive foliage. The corms can be dug up, overwintered and replanted in the spring.

Pickerel weed is often chosen to add a splash of colour in a pond. Considered invasive in some areas, it thrives near the edge of a pond and will filtrate the water. The spikes of purple blooms rise from large leaves.

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