Unusual Christening Gifts for Boys

Updated November 21, 2016

The religious rite of passage known as the christening of a baby symbolises the child's recognition in the church. Also know as a baptism, the christening ceremony is the formal practice of naming the child in the eyes of the church and promising to raise the child by adhering to all religious views and practices. Though christening ceremonies are formal in nature, the gathering of friends and family either before or after the ceremony can range from casual to lavish. Finding a unique and unusual gift to give a boy for his christening depends of your relationship with the family and the amount of money you are able to spend.

A Tree

Giving the gift of a tree symbolises longevity as trees grow for many years and decades. This form of a gift can be given in one of two primary ways. One option is to purchase a young tree or sapling directly and give the tree to the parents of the child to be planted in their own backyard or area that they choose. The other option is to have a tree planted in the name of the child through an organisation or foundation, such as the Arbor Day Foundation, which plants gift trees in areas being regenerated through new or additional trees. Both gift options should be given with a card stating why the gift was selected and that you hope the longevity of the tree matches the longevity of the good life the boy will have.

Naming A Star

Though more of a novelty gift than the gift an actual star in the heavens; having a star named after a baby boy as a christening present can fall under the category of unusual gifts. Various pricing packages exist for this type of gift and can range from a simple piece of paper stating the name of the star and its coordinates in the sky to a framed print of the star's new name and supporting astronomical charts and information. The star should be named directly after the child, using his full name and the date used should either be the date of the christening or the date of birth.

Newspaper From Day Child Born

One unusual way to celebrate a christening is to obtain a copy of one or more newspapers from the day the child was born. This gift can be varied depending hoe much time, money and effort you want to put in to the gift. To go all out, get copies of major newspapers from across the country for both the date the child was born and for the day of christening. Box everything up together with a note stating that this is the beginning of the child's journey through life and that the newspapers are a start to a time capsule that can be built upon for years to come.

Photo Shoot

Arranging for a professional photo shoot to celebrate a christening is a way to give a unique and unusual gift that will last a lifetime. One option is to hire a photographer to attend the christening ceremony and snap photos throughout the event. An alternate option is to arrange for the baby boy to have a private photo session at a studio wearing the clothing he was christened in. This gift can be as minimalistic or as lavish as you care to spend. Additionally, presenting the parents with a nice photo frame can further enhance this gift.

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