Gazebo roof types

Updated March 24, 2017

Gazebos give you the opportunity to spend time outside, but still offer shelter, particularly from the sun and rain. Gazebos may be constructed over paddling pools or jacuzzis, but most often they stand alone in the garden. Although gazebos are frequently designed of wood, many materials are suitable for the roof of a gazebo. The type of material that is used normally reflects the local climate or the homeowner's specific taste.


Wood is a naturally attractive material and gazebo roofs made from wooden products are visually appealing. A wooden gazebo roof will complement virtually any home and wood is easy to prepare and use. Wood is also available in numerous textures and can be varnished or painted. Lath, often the choice for gazebo roofs, is thin lumber of less than 0.75-inches thick. Lath is often secured onto the horizontal beams that form the roof structure of select gazebos. Because lath is so thin, it is important to obtain a straight grain to reduce any warping that may take place with changing weather conditions.

Shade Cloth

Shade cloth is an efficient roof option for a gazebo and offers both shade and protection from hail and rain. It is best to purchase the 100 per cent shade-cloth weave and ensure that the shade cloth has a warranty against UV degradation. Shade cloth which is used for the roof of gazebos should be cut slightly longer than the length of the wooden roof beams, so that it can be folded over the height of the beam and secured with nails.


Metal gazebo roofs, although not always as visually attractive as roofs made of shade cloth or wood, are durable and sturdy. Metal roofs are also less expensive than other materials. They are maintenance free and offer the homeowner a number of contemporary designs. Metal roofs can be painted to match any decor around the home or in the garden. Metal roofs are available in aluminium, steel and prefabricated, insulated-polystyrene panels covered in either aluminium or steel. Aluminium roofs are more visually pleasing than steel, but not as strong.


Gazebo roofs made from fibreglass do not corrode like metal roofs do. These roofs allow light to shine through and are normally considered to be more visually appealing than metal ceilings. Although fibreglass roofs are not as robust as steel, they are normally attached to either a solid wooden or metal frame. Fibreglass gazebo roofs are available in either opaque or translucent material, both of which will provide natural lighting within the gazebo.

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