Glass bowl centerpiece ideas

Updated February 21, 2017

Most people think immediately of a vase of flowers as the ideal centrepiece, but many types of beautiful centrepieces start with a bowl instead. Whether you are designing centrepieces for a wedding, family dinner or holiday party, use glass bowls as the starting point and choose from a few different types of centrepieces.

Floating Candles

Floating candles turn any size or shape of glass bowl into an elegant centrepiece. Choose candles that complement the style of the bowl. For example, if the bowl is coloured or has an intricate design, pair it with basic white floating candles that do not detract from the bowl. If the bowl is simple, consider buying candles that are shaped and coloured to look like flower blossoms or leaves. Pour glass stones in the bottom of the bowl if you would like to add colour or more decorative elements.


Create a centrepiece with ongoing visual interest by putting a live fish, such as a goldfish, in a glass bowl. Fill the bottom of the bowl with marbles or stones in a colour that matches the rest of the table decor. Use only filtered water in the bowl, because tap water might kill the fish. If you decide to use a live fish, remember that it is a living creature and needs appropriate care, including feeding and cleaning.

Mirrored Flowers

Flowers are beautiful from both above and below, so take advantage of a clear glass bowl as a way to display blooms from all angles. Place a mirror under the glass bowl on the table, fill it with water, and drop in one to three flowers to float on the surface. The mirror below will allow guests to see the bottom of the flower as well as the top, and it will also bring more colour to the table because it reflects the flower's colour.

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