Partial Goatee Styles

Updated July 20, 2017

Goatees do not require as much hair as a full beard and moustache. Any man who can grow a beard or moustache can grow a goatee. A partial goatee applies to styles that use less hair than a full goatee. To successfully wear these styles, you must be committed to daily care.

Chin Strip

As the name implies, a chin strip is a strip of beard that extends from the bottom of the lower lip to the end of the chin. Chin strips do not require a moustache. You need to shave the surrounding areas of the face daily and trim the bread as it grows. The length of the beard is a personal preference.

Chin Puff

A chin puff is like a chin strip except that it extends past the chin. Upkeep includes shaving the surrounding facial hair daily and trimming the beard as needed.

Rap Industry Standard

Worn by musicians in the rap industry, this goatee is just a pencil line of hair under the nose and down both sides of the chin. This thin line should extend all the way down to the bottom of the chin. You need to maintain this type of goatee with frequent trimming.

The Zappa

The Zappa recreates the look worn by the late rock singer Frank Zappa. It includes a full moustache that extends down the sides of the mouth. The beard is a dab of hair in the centre of the chin, just a little more prominent than a soul patch. For this style, you will need to shave the surrounding areas of the face, trim the moustache and keep the soul patch small and trimmed.

Soul Patch

The soul patch is a small patch of hair --- about a square inch --- in the centre of the chin. The rest of the face, including the area above the upper lip, is shaved clean. Sometimes a moustache is worn with a soul patch for a different look.

Petite Goatee

Like the chin puff and chin strip, the petite goatee does not include a moustache of any sort. It differs by the length and volume of the hair on the chin. A partial goatee starts below the bottom lip and extends below the chin, tapering into a point. It is smaller than a full goatee with the skin on the sides of the chin free from hair. This style will need daily shaving of the hair-free portions of the face. You also need to comb the beard and trim as needed, particularly to maintain the point.

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