1954 Chevy 3100 Specs

Updated April 17, 2017

The 1954 Chevrolet 3100 truck was a practical, straightforward vehicle designed for work. A light-duty, half-ton truck, it weighted 1905kg. and came standard with a three-speed transmission and a column-mounted gearshift. A truck with few frills, it offered an optional AM radio, a heavy-duty three-speed or four-speed manual transmission or a Hydra-Matic (automatic) transmission. The 3100 had a 116-inch wheelbase.

1954 3100 Engine

The 1954 Chevrolet 3100 truck came with a six-cylinder, 235-cubic-inch, 30.4-horsepower Thriftmaster engine made of cast alloy iron. It required a Carter updraft carburettor due to the cab-over-engine and forward control designs.

Exterior Colors

The 1954 Chevrolet 3100 truck came with a choice of 12 colours and complementary pinstripes. The black-and-red exterior paints came with argent silver pinstripes. Four colours came with black pinstripes, including white, a medium cream, yellow and orange. The remaining six colours came a medium cream pinstripes, including the ocean green, medium and dark blue, olive green, magenta and brown.

1954 3100 Models

The 3100 truck came in three basic models that included the 3104 pickup, the 3105 panel truck and the 3106 Suburban Carryall. The panel truck offered a Canopy Express (3107) option with open sides and roll-down curtains to protect the cargo from inclement weather. The Suburban Carryall was an eight-passenger vehicle with removable centre and rear seats to convert it into a cargo vehicle. It came with rear panel doors or an optional rear lift gate on the 3116 model. All Suburban Carryall models came with maroon-and-grey interior trim.

The truck came in three chassis choices in 1954: the 3102, a chassis and flat-faced cowling; the 3112, which featured a chassis, cowl and windshield; and the 3103, the chassis and cab.

1954 3100 Prices

The list prices for the 3100 ranged from just under £650 to more than £975. The cowling and windshield chassis cost £661, and the flat-face cowling and chassis cost £647. It cost £804 with a cab, and went for £848 with a cab and pickup bed. The panel truck went for £979, while the Canopy Express option raised the price to £1,013. The Suburban Carryall listed for £1,170.

1954 3100 Options

The 3100 trucks came with many choices in optional equipment. Besides the radio and antenna, buyers could order an outside metal sun visor, painted to match the cab's exterior colour and mounted above the windshield to protect against snow and ice in the winter and sun glare in the summer. Additionally, the trucks could come with a foot-operated windshield washer. Directional (turn) signals were also available, as was a passenger-side sun visor, moulded sponge-rubber armrest on the inside driver's door and floor mats. The trucks could also come with optional seat covers to protect the original seats.

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