How to Make a Leo Male Fall in Love With You

Updated March 23, 2017

Leo males are a paradox of extremes. Their generosity, warmth, charm and caring devotion often attracts women. Yet their flamboyance, hot temper and need to be in the limelight puts some women off. A Leo male must have his way, and he must be king. Don’t expect to be his queen, though you may still be his servant. Yet, not without due reward.

To make a Leo male fall in love with you takes a selfless nature. The Leo male thrives on attention, and loves being the centre of it all. He also loves luxury, and social activity.

Dress impeccably. Nails, hair and clothing thoughtfully attended to by a well-put-together woman is extremely attractive to a Leo male. He likes to show off his date, and enjoys the attention he gets from his friends.

Let him have the limelight. Though the Leo male may wish to show you off, he doesn’t enjoy having his limelight stolen. It’s nearly always his moment, unless he gives it to you.

Romance him. A Leo male is often quite generous in the romance department, and also enjoys the attention that a romantic partner bestows upon him. Be creative enough to keep his interest.

Like his friends. You may end up spending a lot of time with them. Leos enjoy many friendships, and if anyone is going to be left out, it will likely be you.

Wear gold. Though this is one of the zodiac colours for Leo, it also appeals to his love of the luxurious.

Remain independent. Don’t lean on a Leo male. Though he may insist on being the man of the house, a needy woman makes his head spin and is likely to send him running the other way.

Avoid intentionally sparking his jealous nature. Feigning interest in another man will not attract a Leo male. Leos have a jealous streak, and are also known to be quite stubborn.

Be receptive to his advances. Praise him and tell him what you love about him. The more praise he gets, the more he is likely to lavish his love upon you.


Although it might be a challenge to make a Leo male fall in love with you, the rewards will be worth it. A Leo’s generosity and warmth often make him an attentive mate, albeit a high maintenance one.


Beware of the waning affections of a Leo male, as he may have no problem walking out without explanation. Sustaining the high maintenance of the Leo male personality is a key to retaining his love and attention.

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