Garage Size Specifications

Updated February 21, 2017

Garages enhance home appearance and provide storage for cars and other items. Building a garage requires planning, whether with a newly constructed home or as an addition. Deciding on the size of a garage involves answering some basic questions and taking measurements. A larger-than-needed garage takes up available space on your land, while a garage built too small limits your uses. Proper planning beforehand can ensure that you build a garage that suits your needs.

Minimum Sizes

The minimum size for most single-car garages is 12 feet wide by 22 feet long. For a two-car garage the minimum dimensions are 18 feet wide by 22 feet long. Understand these are minimum dimensions if you plan on limiting your storage primarily to automobiles, with minimum room for walking.

Items to Store in a Garage

Make a list of all the items you want stored in your garage. Common items include cars, lawnmowers, tools, sports equipment, refrigerators and workbenches. Consider all these items when determining the size of your garage. Determine from your list if there will be a need for shelves.

Types of Vehicles

Measure the length of the vehicle or vehicles you want to store in the garage. Measure both the length and width, with doors open. Consider if you will move to a larger vehicle in the future. Measure the length of the trailer and boat if you wish to store them in the garage.

Walking Space

Consider how much walking space you need in your garage with all items present. The best way to accomplish this is to park your vehicle or vehicles in an open area as if they were parked in the garage. Open their doors. Place all your other items around the vehicles where you would like them to be. Leave 4 feet of space for walking around each vehicle. Measure the dimensions.

Available Land Space

Observe your available land space for the size of your garage. If your home is in a residential area, make sure the garage will not be too close to adjacent property. If the home is in the country, determine which trees will need to be removed or land reshaped to accommodate the garage size you want.

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