The Specifications of Creative Labs CT6670

Written by nick davis
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The Specifications of Creative Labs CT6670
The Creative Labs CT6670 helps enhance 3-D elements on your computer's screen. (hello image by Photoeyes from

The Creative Labs CT6670, also known as 3D Blaster Voodoo2, is a video card acceleration device that provides a boost to any games and applications that display 3-D graphics. The card does not replace your Windows system graphics card, but only adds the ability to display 3D graphics. The Creative Labs CT6670 contains its own memory, the ability to accept another Creative Labs CT6670 card and its own processor.


The Creative Labs CT6670 contains 12 MB of dynamic random access memory (DRAM) set up in a 4 MB frame buffer and two 4 MB texture stores. The card also contains a 192-bit multiway interleaved memory interface that provides in excess of 2.2 Gigahertz per second total bandwidth.

Card Specifications

The "Plug and Play" card lets you install it in your Windows system and the operating system automatically loads the drivers and sets up the device. The Creative Labs CT6670 contains one Pixelfx² and two Texelfx² processors that control and manage 3D graphic data; a "VGA In" port for connecting your primary video card to the Creative Labs CT6670l; and a "VGA Out" port that connects your VGA monitor to the card. The card also contains a single slot PCI card that runs in the 33 Megahertz to 66MHz range.


The Creative Labs CT6670 is compatible with a variety of video cards, using video pass-through, including AGP. The card can accept a second Creative Labs CT6670 for double the performance.

System Requirements

The Creative Labs CT6670 requires an Intel Pentium, Pentium Pro or Pentium II system running at 90MHz or higher; an existing VGA or multi-frequency compatible monitor and graphics card; an available PCI 2.1 compliant slot and MS-DOS 5.0 or Windows NT 4.0 or later.

Graphics Processing

The card is capable of sending 180 million two-texture, bilinear-filtered, MIP mapped elements per second. This is the card's fill rate, the amount of graphical lines it can send to your monitor. The Creative Labs CT6670 is capable of sending 360 million two-texture, bilinear-filtered, MIP mapped texels per second, if a second Creative Labs CT6670 card is present in your system. The card uses a triangle-based raster engine with Gouraud modulation.

3D Graphics Mapping Specifications

The card renders 3D graphics using a 16-bit integer and floating point Z-buffering with biasing and supports chroma-key with dedicated colour mask and transparency. The Creative Labs CT6670 fully supports multi-triangle strips, fans, automatic hardware-based back-face culling and 24-bit colour scaling to native 16-bit Red-Green-Blue (RGB) buffer using 4-by-4 or 2-by-2 ordered dither matrix.

The card also offers sub-pixel and sub-texel correction; per-pixel and per-vertex atmospheric haze and fog effects with alpha blending; polygon edge anti-aliasing; and alpha blending on source/destination pixels.

3D Texture Specifications

The Creative Labs CT6670 supports 14 texture map formats, 8-bit palleted textures and texture compression via narrow-channel YAB format. The card even supports texture compositing for multi-texture special effects and combines shaded pixels and textures together to display true divide-per-pixel perspective correction. The Creative Labs CT6670 works hand-in-hand with your system's video card to provide clear per-pixel level 3D graphics.

Resolution Modes

The card supports 640-by-480 and 800-by-600 display modes using a 16-bit Z-Buffer and 1024-by-768 display mode without the use of a Z-Buffer. The refresh rate for 640-by-480/800-by-600 modes is 65 Kilobyte (K) 120 Hertz (Hz) and the refresh rate for 1024-by-768 is 65K and 85HZ. When using two Creative Labs CT6670 cards and the SLI mode, the Z-Buffer is always used.

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