The Best Heated Towel Rails

Updated July 20, 2017

Heated towel rails are luxury home appliances. Towel rails not only heat towels so that they are warm upon exiting the shower or bath, they also can help keep a bathroom dry and free of bacteria. Dual-fuel heated towel rails are the best available because they can operate on either central heating or electricity. You also can choose from several finishes, sizes and styles.

Power Source

Dual-fuel heated towel rails are built to use either central heating or electricity as a power source. Towel rails run like a radiator when central heating is on during cooler months. To use electricity as your power source, insert electric elements into towel rails. This is a suitable option during warmer months when you're not using central heating. When running on electricity, towel rails can be significantly hotter than when they are running on natural gas.


Common finishes for towel rails include chrome, white and gold. You also can find customised towel rails in a variety of other. Some suppliers manufacture towel rails using soft steel, chrome or brass, but stainless steel is the most efficient. Some manufacturers make towel rails from nickel or copper.


The size of towel bar you install in a bathroom will depend on a number of factors. The size of the bathroom, quality of the insulation, number of towels to be hung and the number of people in the household are all important factors to consider. Towel rails can be as small as approximately 12 inches wide and 32 inches tall. For those who require large towel rails, they can be over 71 inches high and wide.


Dual-fuel heated towel rails are available in several styles. Some models are floor-mounted, similar to radiators, while some are wall-mounted, similar to ladders. Many towel rails come with wide bars, while others have small and circular bars. Rails can be curved or straight. You have a large variety of models to choose from.

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