Design Ideas for a DVD Player With a Wall-Mounted TV

Updated February 21, 2017

Wall-mounted televisions provide a space-saving option for rooms as well as a more aesthetic appeal than older, thicker models. Bulky DVD players hooked up to the wall-mounted TVs may seem like a decorating challenge as they can stick out significantly in comparison. There are a number of design ideas that can hide the DVD player or minimise its appearance. These ideas can work with any style of furniture.

TV Stand

Hang the TV on the wall and place a standard TV stand underneath it. While this may seem to defeat the purpose actually mounting it on the wall, you can use the top of the stand for displaying decorative objects. Use the shelves underneath to place your DVD player. Any type of wires that run to the TV can be camouflaged by cord covers available at most home improvement stores.

Floating Shelf

Floating shelves are shelves that hang on the wall and hide any mounting brackets and material. The actual shelf is the only visible part. These can make an attractive design option to store your DVD player. You can mount a floating shelf in a number of locations around your wall-mounted television. Put it under the TV for the most traditional look. Be sure to purchase a shelf that is deep enough and wide enough to accommodate your DVD player.

Built-In Shelf

In some homes it may be possible to build an inwall shelf to store the DVD player. When properly planned, a skilled carpenter can custom-make a small compartment in the wall for storage. Include a door to obscure the DVD player if desired. You can mount the TV above the compartment. This design idea is easiest to implement in a house as it is being built. It may be a significant project in homes that are already constructed.

TV/DVD Mounting Hardware

You can purchase hardware to mount your television on the wall that also contains built-in shelving to hold accessories such as a DVD player. These may also contain a way to hide the wires within the shelf bracket. This option provides a solution to those living in small spaces who don't have room for large pieces of furniture to hold the DVD player.

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