Gifts for a female's 40th birthday

Updated April 17, 2017

There are several gift options available for a woman who is turning 40 years old. Gag gifts and novelty items that poke fun at this birthday may be tempting ideas, but can sometimes be offensive to the birthday girl, especially if she is feeling sensitive about her age. Consider gifts that honour the recipient rather than ones that make fun of her. Sentimental gifts that reflect upon her life will become treasured keepsakes. If you want to note the milestone, think of creative ways to incorporate the number 40 into a gift she will appreciate.

Jewellery Gifts

Give the birthday girl a charm bracelet for her birthday. Present her with a birthstone or birthday cake charm to start off her collection. Then ask friends and family to also give the gift of charms to complete a collection of 40 charms. Charms should be symbolic of the birthday person's life, so instruct gift givers to choose charms that reflect her hobbies, career, personality and life achievements. Close friends and family members can select charms that represent a special memory or something unique to their relationships to the recipient. A little note about why the person selected this particular charm is a nice addition to the gift.

An engraved wish bracelet is another sentimental jewellery gift to consider. The wish bracelet is a loop of linked disks, with a message engraved on each disk. Ideas for engraved messages on each disk include the birthday person's date of birth, wedding date, childrens' birth dates and initials of special family members.

Four Decades Scrapbook

Give her a scrapbook that tells the story of her life. Create it in four sections or chapters, each one reflective of a decade. For the first decade chapter, select photos of her from birth to 10 years of age, along with items that signify her first ten years. Ideas include first haircut clippings, first report card and favourite toys. The second decade chapter can contain a collection of photos and items reflective of ages 10 to 20, such as junior high and high school yearbook photos, first date and first job. The third and fourth decade chapters will represent her life after high school, her marriage, children, career and achievements. Ask loved ones to contribute to the creation of this scrapbook with pictures, mementos or written stories of their memories.

Digital Photo Frame

Give her a digital picture frame with a slide show feature. Upload 40 of her favourite pictures or a collection of photos that reflect her lifetime's milestone moments. Choose a frame with a sound feature and set the slide show to play to one of her favourite sentimental songs.

"40" Gifts

Give her an MP3 player to which you have downloaded 40 of her favourite songs. Forty letters of admiration from 40 friends and co-workers is a gift she will appreciate. Wish her a happy birthday with a bouquet of 40 roses or 40 of her favourite flowers. Gifts cards in the amount of £26 give her the opportunity to buy herself something she truly wants or needs.

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