Mileage correction tools

Updated February 21, 2017

Mileage on your vehicle is tracked by your odometer, but your odometer can get corrupted, especially digital odometers, which are found on nearly all types of modern vehicles. If your odometer is no longer showing the correct mileage or if it's not showing mileage at all, you can use software programs to correct the inconsistencies. You will need to do this if you plan on trading in or selling the vehicle, however, you must only fix the mileage with these tools; adjusting your mileage to make it seem as if your vehicle has fewer miles on it is illegal.

Diagprog 3

The DP 3 Diagprog Mileage Programmer allows you to reprogram the erasable programmable read only memory (EPROM) chip. This is non-volatile memory chip, which means that it keeps the data stored on it even if you shut off the power to it. This tool allows you to run tests on your system, and it comes with reverse voltage protection, which means that a diode won't conduct, but will release some current. This program comes in four different languages, and it is compatible with different control units. As of 2010, this product costs between £2,795 and £6,825 depending on the version.


DashFixer is a hand-held tool that allows you to correct mileage problems on most vehicles. It is backlit, which helps you read the information on the display even in the sunlight, and it comes with an internal chip that allows you to save and/or back up vehicle data. You can also back up data to your computer. It comes in six different languages and allows you to edit vehicle data. This product is designed for industry professionals. As of 2010, it costs between £7,150 and £9,425.

Black Box

This tool is designed for industry professionals, and it allows you to reprogram your odometer. This tool also allows you to run tests on your vehicle systems and figure out what's wrong with it, and it also allows you to view hexadecimal codes, which are codes for tests on-board diagnostic II (OBD-II) vehicles. The Black Box tool is compatible with most European and American vehicles and some Asian vehicles, including Kia, Toyota and Honda. As of 2010, this product costs approximately £6,175, and the company offers training on the device.

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