The Best Pet Hair Removal Vacuums

Updated February 21, 2017

Pet ownership has many rewards, but those rewards don't include the large amount of hair that many dogs and cats shed. The best vacuums to tackle this task generally are the ones that also do the best at regular cleaning, according to "Consumer Reports." Certain models also are designed specifically to remove pet hair or have an attachment for that purpose.

Dyson Animal

Dyson is well-known to American consumers as being a top vacuum designer, according to "Consumer Reports." Its Animal line of upright vacuums uses "Root Cyclone" technology, in which a special motor creates centrifugal force to generate suction. These forces can be up to 150,000 times the force of gravity, according to Dyson's website, and help ensure that your vacuum not only removes every bit of pet hair, but never loses its suction as well. Dyson Animal vacuums also have special brushes that are very fine, yet extremely stiff, to pick up pet hair. The Dyson DC 28 Animal vacuum is the latest model in this line but is not inexpensive, coming in at an average price of around £390 as of November 2010. If your budget is limited, try picking up earlier-model Animals, which are the Dyson DC 14, DC 15 and DC 25.

Bissel Pet Hair Eraser

Bissel markets the Pet Hair Eraser line of upright vacuums, which use cyclone technology similar to Dyson. These vacuums come with several attachments that are used to remove pet hair from everything from baseboards to couch cushions. The wide, flat foot of the vacuum features a "pet hair lifter" that works as a lint brush to attract pet hair as you vacuum. The Bissel also comes with a "Pet Contour Tool," a flexible attachment that allows you to get pet hair in hard-to-reach places such as corners, curved areas and stairs. The "Pet Hair Turbo Brush" is another attachment that features a rapidly rotating brush with rubber bristles that attract and grab pet hair, according to Bissel's website. The latest model is the 3920, which retailed at many discount stores for an average price of £97 as of November 2010.

Kenmore Canister 29219

Kenmore is the leading seller of canister vacuums, according to "Consumer Reports." Its Canister 29219 gets high marks from Good Housekeeping for its ability to remove pet hair, as well as for its quiet motor and ability to clean both carpets and bare floors. This vacuum comes with an upholstery brush made with bristles designed to grab and lift pet hair. It also comes with a crevice tool that is designed to powerfully suck pet hair out of cracks and crevices. This vacuum retailed for around £97 as of November 2010.

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