Sheep-related Gifts

Finding the perfect gift can often be a challenge, but if you know of someone who likes sheep and would enjoy a sheep-related gift, the possibilities are limitless. From a large variety of ready-to-wear gifts to numerous novelty items, there's something for every sheep enthusiast.


When it comes to apparel, wool sweaters, coats, scarves and socks are always popular, but there are numerous other possibilities ranging from hats to gloves to slippers. Pyjamas adorned with sheep appliques are perfect for a night of counting sheep, as are robes and nightgowns. Youngsters will love sheep-themed bibs and blankets. Sheepskin hats, moccasins, and gloves are sure to please, as are T-shirts, sweatshirts and hoodies embroidered with sheep designs. Sheep-themed jewellery can also be the perfect gift for the sheep fancier on your list.

Around the House

In addition to apparel, there are lots of goodies for the sheepaholic in your house. Consider giving sheep placemats or napkin rings, rugs with a sheep motif, or even sheep-themed quilts, sheets and bedspreads.There are also numerous sheep and lamb toys perfect for any youngster, and numerous garden offerings including flags or stones engraved with grazing sheep.

Plates, pottery and dip sets featuring sheep are popular, as are Christmas decorations and door wreaths. Bath towels and shower curtains with sheep images can be found, and sheep and lamb mobiles should attract the attention of even the littlest sheep fanciers, as will sheep pull-toys. Sheep night lights and sheep curtains are also sure to please.

Truly Unique Sheep Gifts

If you're looking for unusual gifts, there are plenty to choose from. Ewesful Gifts offers a variety of greeting and Christmas cards, while Kritters in the Mailbox offers sheep mouse pads, ink pens, rubber stamps and puppets. Sheep Gifts and More suggests tote bags, keepsake and memory boxes, photo albums, and sheepskin auto and bike accessories.

Journals, wall art, and clocks are all possibilities, as are screensavers and salt and pepper sets. And there are plenty of books concerning these woolly quadrupeds. Equestrians will appreciate traditional wool Navajo saddle blankets, and many riders also cover their girths with wool to avoid chafing. Golfers may find that sheep golf club covers attract attention from even non-sheep enthusiasts. Finally, there are numerous hand creams and lotions that make use of the oil in wool to soften the driest skin.

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