The Best Dwarf Fruit Trees

Updated February 21, 2017

Dwarf fruit trees offer a compromise: they produce the same succulent fruit at half the height. The best dwarf fruit trees are often highly ornamental trees which offer fruit ready to eat off the treat. While most dwarf trees begin bearing fruit three to five years after planting, the trees produce quality fruit that is simpler to pick off the lower branches. When considering which dwarf fruit tree or trees to plant, keep in mind the space you have for the plant. For example, if you want a tree for a greenhouse or sun room, note which of the best dwarf fruit trees will thrive best in those indoor conditions.

Dwarf Apple Tree

Because apple trees are a hardy tree type, they are able to withstand freezing winter temperatures and grow in diverse conditions. This makes apple trees an ideal dwarf fruit tree. Dwarf versions of apple trees create the same size apples as full-sized apple trees, but only grow to 10 tall at full maturity, versus the normal size of 15 to 20 feet. Also, unlike other dwarf fruit trees like plum and peach trees, apples can thrive in drier soil. If you live in a warmer, drier climate this makes the apple tree an especially appeal candidate for dwarf fruit planting. If you live in a well saturated climate, note that apple trees require consistent drainage. If you place the apple tree in a pot or a half-wine barrel, for a decorative potting solution, do make sure the pot has a large drainage hole or series of holes.

Dwarf Avocado Tree

Dwarf avocado trees are ideal dwarf fruit trees because they bear fruit throughout the year. The Haas avocado tree variety is considered the most productive dwarf avocado plant and the best dwarf plant for outdoor planting and gardening. For indoor plants, all other avocado varieties make attractive and ornamental indoor plants. The avocado plant is not a hardy tree, meaning it cannot withstand temperatures below freezing and still bear fruit. However, the tree can withstand temperatures down to -1.11 degrees Celsius if it is indoors and provided with enough sunshine. You can pluck avocados straight from the tree for salads, guacamole and other savoury recipes. The fruit's ripe season depends on the tree type--some are ready to harvest in winter, others in summer.

Dwarf Orange Tree

For a tropical dwarf fruit tree, a miniature orange tree makes an ideal plant to nurture and harvest. Dwarf orange trees make ideal indoor houseplants because they tend to grow no more than 3 to 4 feet tall or wide at full maturity. Also, the orange tree produces attractive, white, papery flagrant flowers; the flowers then begin to bud with hard fuzzy oranges. The Washington Navel and Valencia dwarf orange tree varieties offer fruit ready to eat off the tree; other varieties are better for juicing and orange rind recipes. Miniature orange trees need a minimum of half a day of direct sunshine for the most growth and fruit production. So, if you live in a sunny spot, you can grow the tree outdoors. Otherwise, greenhouses and sun rooms make healthy habitats for the tree.

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