Air Travel Courier Jobs

Updated April 17, 2017

Many airlines don't allow packages to travel without a paying passenger so many companies hire air couriers to travel for a free or reduced cost to be sure the package gets to the appropriate destination. According to, air courier positions faded after Sept. 11, but they have recently started making a comeback. If you love to travel and can do so at a moment's notice, this may be a perfect job for you.


Companies who hire air couriers are looking for a few key requirements. The applicant must be 18 years of age with a valid passport. Many times, last minute travel is needed so they need someone with flexibility. Often you may only be able to bring a small bag with you because a courier normally gives up their baggage allowance for the cargo they are being hired to carry.


The ticket is normally a regular coach class seat and you receive the ticket at a reduced price. If the company hires you for immediate travel you may often fly for free. You are treated like a regular paying ticket holder. Once you have purchased the ticket, you meet a company representative at the airport to receive your ticket and the same goes for the return trip.


First you are chosen by a company to deliver a certain package or document. The travel arrangements are made and you must pay for your ticket. A few days prior, you must check in and confirm all arrangements. The day of travel, you meet a company representative at the airport for instructions and any necessary paperwork for the package you are transporting. You fly to the destination and meet the representative who is accepting the package, and then you are on your way. You may be doing the same thing on the way back or you may not. Depending on the time between flights, you may have time to enjoy your destination, so this job is a perk if you are a travel enthusiast.

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