Modern Table Centerpiece Ideas

Updated April 17, 2017

Centrepieces dress up the table on any occasion. Whether the centrepiece is for a birthday, holiday, wedding, reception, dinner party or other event, you do not have to stick to tried-and-true traditional and classic ideas like vases and flowers. A centrepiece can be as creative and modern as you can dream up in your imagination, and can be tailored to the theme of your event, whether this means colour or just general design.

Exotic Plants and Feathers

Instead of classic floral centrepieces, you could opt for exotic feathers like peacock or white ostrich or mix feathers into your floral arrangements. For plant centrepieces, tall, curly willow or flowered branches make modernised additions to an arrangement or can stand alone. Wood with multiple branches like driftwood, manzanita branches and grapewood can be used in place of plants and adorned with ornaments, painted or left in original form. Tropical exotic flowers can be mixed with reeds and bamboo. Artichokes can be added into floral arrangements or hollowed out to be used as a base. For a plant centrepiece with long leaves, you can have these curled, crimped or styled for added design.

Modern Fillers

Many traditional centrepieces feature flowers in water, a classic candelabra or tea candles in water. You easily can update and modernise these centrepieces by creating a different base or changing traditional elements. Instead of water, you can place flowers in coloured glass beads, decorative craft beads, dried limes, cranberries or coffee beans. Instead of putting candles in a candelabra, you can choose unusual alternatives like plants, pipe cleaners, branching twigs or eating utensils. Tea candles can be placed in bowls of rocks, pebbles, gel beads, Indian corn or feathers. You can dye traditional white flowers surprising colours like aqua blue, black or neon green or you can just dye the water the flowers are in.

Modern Containers

An unusual container can modernise a centrepiece. You can try fish bowls, hurricane lamps and urns instead of glass vases or bowls. If you want to recycle as well as modernise, you can place flowers in wine bottle vases or mason jars. If your event has a theme, sandbox pails, cornucopias, photo cubes or wooden crates could make complementing containers.

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