Funny ring engraving ideas

Often, when people choose to engrave inside a ring, they select something poetic, a date that is sentimental or a declaration of their eternal love. For others, humour is what brought them together and keeps the flames of love burning. If you are searching for a funny engraving idea, consider an inside joke between you and your sweetheart or perhaps a quote you both find meaningful.

Inside Jokes

Many people have inside jokes, and when two people are in love, they normally have a lot of them. Perhaps the words "green pants" have the two of you laughing so hard you can barely breathe, or maybe any time your significant other enters the kitchen, you say, "Don't burn the toast." If another couple were to hear the joke, they might be left scratching their heads, but to you two, it is hysterical. Engraving an inside joke on your rings takes you back to a fun memory, which makes it sentimental as well.

Movie Quotes

Movies are filled with quotes that can be engraved inside a ring. Maybe you enjoy rattling off funny movie quotes to each other. Perhaps the first comedy you went to has a line that you'd like to use. You have to use short ones of course, but movies are an excellent place to find the perfect quote. Visit Subzin (see Resources), which is a movie quote search engine, or visit another website dedicated to movie quotes. These sites can help refresh your memory; just type in the movie, and the site will list the most popular quotes from that movie.


Visit Cool Funny Quotes (see Resources), which has a wide variety of quotes to choose from. Amusing Quotes (see Resources) is another good resource because it lists funny quotes by category -- they even have one for marriage. Some of these quotes can be a little long to engrave inside a ring, but you can either paraphrase them or find one that's more simple. If you are still having trouble, check out Short Funny Quotes (see Resources).

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