Denon Dra 335R Receiver Specs

The DRA-335R is a two-channel receiver designed for use in stereo audio applications. It features an AM/FM tuner, power amplifier that produces 40 watts per channel and preamplifier section, which uses electronic switching to change between the many supported music sources. It also has a remote control, which operates multiple Denon audio components.


Denon builds the DRA-335R with a power amplifier that the company rates to produce 40 watts per channel into an eight ohm load from 20 to 20,000 hertz with no more than 0.05 per cent total harmonic distortion. Into speakers with a four ohm impedance, it generates as much as 62 watts per channel, albeit with more distortion.


The FM tuner in the DRA-335R achieves a 78 decibel signal-to-noise ratio with 40 decibels of channel separation when operating in stereo mode and 55 decibels of signal-to-noise when operating in AM mode. It covers the full frequency spectrum for both bands and has antenna connections as well.

Inputs & Outputs

Denon equips the DRA-335R with a full complement of line-level analogue inputs consisting of twin phono jacks. These include inputs for a CD player, tape deck, record player, and additional source component. It has a line level output as part of its tape monitoring loop as well as outputs for two pairs of speakers.


The DRA-335R weighs 6.54 kilograms and measures 434 millimetres wide, 312 millimetres deep and 120 millimetres tall. In English measurements, this corresponds to a weight of 6.35 Kilogram, 198gr and exterior dimensions of 17.1 inches wide, 12.3 inches deep and 4.7 inches tall.

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