Gift ideas for people starting new jobs

Written by danita fausek | 13/05/2017

Getting a new job is a cause for celebration. Much like the New Year, it's out with the old and in with the new as your friend or family member embarks on a new path in their working career. Since the majority of a person's time is spent in their office or workplace, the possibilities become wide and full of gifts that will make their time away from home more pleasant.

In the Office

Getting a "desk job" usually means that someone will be spending a great deal of time at their desk or in an office. Give a gift that will help to personalise and make it a more comfortable place to be. Give a beverage chiller or warmer or an individual coffee pot complete with a personal mug and some coffee packages. Give them a candy jar filled with their favourite sugary treat. Frame a photo of the family that can be placed on their desk. Pick out an inspirational paper weight or plaque that has their favourite quotation. Anything that can be used in their office or on their desk is a great way to celebrate a new job with style.

A Healthy Environment

Find out what type of environment the new job is in. If possible, arrange for some fresh flowers or a plant to be delivered every month. Find some lowlight plants that could be placed on a bookshelf or desk corner. Freshen the air in the office with an air cleaner or a scent diffuser. Find a sunlight lamp that can be placed in their office if they have no windows. Making their workplace more natural will help relieve stress and keep them healthy in their new environment.

Tools of the Trade

Every job is different and all have different "tools" that are needed to do the job properly. Find out what some of the things they will need are and get them something special to work with. For example, if they will be spending a lot of time sitting in front of a computer, get them a personalised mouse pad. If they travel to meetings or clients, a nice briefcase, padfolio or business card case will add to their professional image. An art pen will allow them to express their sense of style while still providing an instrument to use.

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