Sweet Things to Do for Her Birthday

Written by carolyn scheidies | 13/05/2017
Sweet Things to Do for Her Birthday
Sweet things are nice for a birthday. (birthday tag image by Renata Osinska from Fotolia.com)

Birthdays are the time to show that special loved one or friend that you care. It is a time not just to realise another year has passed, but also a time to look forward to a whole new year of possibilities. You can help celebrate the birthday by planning sweet things to do for her birthday.

Candy, Gifts and Flowers

Put together a basket of chocolates, candy hearts and her favourite flowers. Wrap the basket with ribbon in either her favourite colour or her birthstone colour. If she is watching her weight, the sweet thing to do is to find low- or no-fat products. If she has sensitivities or allergies, make sure the sweets you give her will not cause reactions. There are gluten-free alternatives to most products. If flowers are a problem, fill the basket with little wrapped gifts you know she'll like and that show you chose them with care. This could include a small gift book, a CD or DVD, a bracelet or a charm.

Poems, Posts and Texts

Maybe you don't fancy yourself as a poet. However, sharing through words how much you care is a sweet thing to do for her birthday. A poem does not have to rhyme. It does have to have a certain flow and rhythm. Write down things about her that make her special, not just to you, but special as a person.

You can also write down a sweet special memory. Take her age and write "18 Ways I Love You..." "25 Ways..." "35 Ways..." If you are a friend, make it "40 Ways I Appreciate You." The number of things you write corresponds to the birthday year.

You can also use e-mail or texting. Everyday for a week before her birthday, send her a sweet message. If you simply don't know what to say, ThingstoSay.net gives you some suggestions such as "You make my life special by just being in it." While you can use the suggestions as written, you can use them to think of ideas based on your relationship with the birthday girl. On her special day, a sweet thing to do is to send a special ecard. 123Greetings.com and DaySpring.com offer a variety of free ecards for you to send.

Memory Card Shower

Arrange for a card shower. Ask all her friends to buy or make a birthday card. Have them add a special good memory about the individual with the birthday. They can either send the cards or you can arrange a party where they can present and read the cards in person. Put the cards in a scrapbook for a sweet memory of the birthday.

Dinner Out

Plan a special dinner out. If she likes formal settings, make reservations at a nice restaurant and dress up for the occasion. If she prefers more informal, find a restaurant where she'll feel comfortable. The sweetest thing you can do is to make her feel comfortable by taking her some place she will enjoy. Either have the restaurant prepare a cake to present after the meal or ask if you can bring one already prepared for the occasion.

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