Ideas to fill a tall glass vase

Updated February 21, 2017

Decorating with tall glass vases will infuse your home with elegance. Glass vases are versatile and can be filled with everything from flowers to ornamental grasses to household items. Use the vase to display a colourful flower arrangement or get creative by filling it with unexpected items.

Unconventional Uses

Tall glass vases aren't just for flowers. If you have a few extra vases and don't want to spend money on fresh flowers, use them to store household items for a fresh, unconventional look. Make use of the vases throughout the year rather than just during spring and summer months, when your flower garden is in bloom. In the bathroom, use a tall clear glass vase to store rolls of toilet paper, end-to-end, for a modern look. As another idea, roll a few colourful towels lengthwise and place them into the vase. You can also use the vase to hold and display a large collection of large seashells or polished stones.

Flower Arrangement

Use a tall glass vase to show off a bold flower arrangement. Make the most of the eye-catching bouquet as a holiday dinner party table centrepiece or to liven up a living room coffee table. To design a creative arrangement, fill the bottom of the vase with decorative items. Use pink or yellow glass gemstones for a spring-inspired look, or seashells to create a beach vibe. Complete the springy look by filling the vase with long stems of yellow irises, pink daisies and white and orange calla lilies. To add even more vibrancy to the look, add round lime or lemon slices to the vase. Complete a seashell-enhanced vase with exotic birds-of-paradise stems and tropical leaf accents.

Holiday Display

Transform a plain tall glass vase into a festive holiday display using a few craft and decorative items. Showcase the piece on a dinner table or use it to fill in an empty corner. Design a winter wonderland-inspired display by spray-painting tall Manzanita tree branches silver or iridescent white. Fill the bottom of the clear vase with clear or silver glass gemstones and nestle the bottom of the branches into them for a secure fit. Drape strings of pearls over the branches and hang mini icicle-inspired ornaments. To create a spooky Halloween display, fill the bottom of the vase with candy corn and spray paint the branches black. Hang mini black bat, ghost, spider, skull, witch and pumpkin-shaped ornaments on the branches to complete the look.

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