Timberjack 1270 Specifications

Updated July 20, 2017

The Timberjack 1270 is a single grip harvesting machine that can be used to perform multiple cuts on trees. It can fell a tree, de-limb a tree, cut a tree to a specific length and is capable of piling logs. Operating a Timberjack 1270 correctly will result in a flat stump on inclines of up to 40 per cent. The machine has a number of specifications that help to ensure it operates consistently in different environments.


The Timberjack 1270 has a 162 kilowatt, 6 cylinder, diesel-fuelled engine.


The Timberjack has six wheel drive and a gearbox that completely controls all aspects of the system.


The front and rear axles of the Timberjack 1270 are hydraulically operated and contain a differential lock that prevents accidents in slippery conditions.


Two crane sizes are available. The first has an 8.6 meter reach and the other a 10.3 meter reach.

Ground Pressure

The harvester has a maximum of 63 kilopascals of pressure and a minimum of 56 kilopascals. This is a measure of how much pressure is contained within every 600 millimetres of volume.


The Timberjack weighs 15899kg. (15,900 kilograms.)

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