Marcy MP2500 Home Gym Specs

The Marcy MP2500 home gym is a multi-station machine made by Impex Inc. The Marcy MP-2500 uses a traditional weight stack for resistance so that you can strength train at home. The machine works your upper and lower body but doesn't offer options for core work. You also cannot use this machine for cardio training, so if you want to lose weight or improve your aerobic fitness you should use the MP 2500 as part of a cross training or circuit training program.

Basic Construction

The Marcy MP2500 has a 4-inch pulley with sealed ball bearings and high density boxed coloured upholstery. The machine has a powder coated finish and 907kg. tensile strength aircraft cable system. The frame is made from 2-inch-by-2 3/4-inch tube framing.

Weight Limit

The Marcy MP 2500 has a user limit of 136kg. The seat is not designed for you to stand on. The bar for the lat pull is not sturdy enough to hang from for doing exercises such as chin ups and pull ups.

Stations and Main Exercises

The Marcy MP 2500 has five different stations. These include the lat pull, butterfly, front press, low pulley and leg developer. The low pulley is located on the side of the machine to save space. Each station has different exercises you can do with it that gives the stations its name. You can use the lat pull station for lat pulldowns to target your back muscles. Use the butterfly station to do butterflies for the chest muscles. The butterfly or pec fly arms move independently. The front press station is set-up for chest presses to work your chest, triceps and shoulders. Sit down in front of the low pulley and place your feet against the foot rest to do seated rows, also for your back muscles. The leg developer is set-up for you to do leg extensions to build up your quads. There are oversized roller pads on the leg developer.

Other Exercises

The stations of the Marcy MP 2500 are set-up for specific exercises, but you can use them for other exercises too. Instead of sitting down and using the lat pull for lat pulldowns, you can stand up and use the lat bar to do tricep pushdowns. You can stand facing the low pulley station and use the bar for bicep curls and upright rows. Stand up facing the machine and do single-leg hamstring curls on the leg developer. You also can sit facing the machine at the butterfly station and push back against the pads with your elbows to do reverse flies for your back.

Weight Stack Figures

The weight stack has nine plates and each plate corresponds to a different amount of resistance, which actually varies depending on which station you use. The lat pull, low pulley, leg developer and butterfly stations correspond to between 13.6 and 49.9kg., each plate raising 4.54kg. for each number 1 through 9. The front press also starts at 30 but increases by 9.07kg. for each plate, up to 86.2kg.

Maintenance Specifications

You must keep your Marcy MP 2500 gym clean and lubricated. Use a damp cloth and mild, non-abrasive detergent to remove sweat and dirt from the machine. A special oil is not required; you can use WD-40 or a light oil for occasional lubrication of moving parts. Like any home gym of its kind, the Marcy cables and pulleys can become sticky if not cleaned and lubricated.

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