Caterpillar Engine Diagnostic Tools

Updated February 21, 2017

Caterpillar, Inc. is a company that specialises in engines and machinery products as well as consumer insurance and financial products. The company is headquartered in Peoria, Illinois, and it started in 1925. Engine diagnostic tools run scans on your Caterpillar engine to determine why it is not working properly, and these tools are designed to run on either your personal computer (PC) or laptop.

SIS 20010 DVD

The Caterpillar SIS 20010 Engine DVD is a software program that uses a graphical user interface (GUI). A GUI is a type of user interface that allows you to run commands using radio buttons, wizards and check boxes as opposed to writing code. This kit includes the actual diagnostic tool, which plugs into your dashboard, and the cable that connects the device to your computer. Before you can use this tool, you must install the software on your computer. You can use this software to monitor your Electronic Control Module (ECM), which controls your vehicle's electrical systems, and this tool will also output the diagnostic trouble codes (DTCs) associated with the problem. As of 2010, this product costs between £162 and £325.

Communication Adapter

The CDS9904CA Caterpillar Communication Adapter allows you to connect your PC to your ECM unit, and the kit comes with a 25-foot-long serial PC cable, which plugs into one of the serial ports on your computer. It also comes with software to install the drivers needed to run this device on your computer, and a carrying case so that you can keep all of your tools together. The CDS9904CA Caterpillar Communication Adapter is designed to work with the Electronic Technician (ET) software, which provides you with DTC codes and freeze-frame and statistical information about your Caterpillar engine. You should purchase the software before you purchase the adaptor. You must contact the company to obtain a price quote for this item.


The Ultra-Link XL 1000 is designed for diesel engines, and one end of this tool plugs into your computer and the other end into your dashboard. This tool allows you to store up to 36 records, which allows you to compare current and past performance, and it also displays DTC codes. You can export this data to reports and print out these reports, and you can play back historical data. The Ultra-Link XL 1000 includes a plug-and-play feature, which allows you to just plug the device into your computer and your computer will recognise it. You can display data in either the Metric or English measuring system, and this program uses a GUI. You must contact the company for a price quote on this item.

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