Cat feeders that keep food cool

Updated April 13, 2018

Cats enjoy free feeding throughout the day on both wet and dry cat food. Unfortunately, wet cat food can spoil if left out for more than a couple of hours. To prevent this, you would have to feed your cat multiple times during the day. Instead, you can purchase cat feeders that have a special ice pack to keep canned food cool and fresh for your cats all day long.

Cat Mate C20 Automatic Feeder

The Cat Mate C20 Automatic Feeder, from Ani Mate, Inc., has two separate sections that each hold up to 1 pound of canned cat food. Each section contains a built-in ice pack that keeps the food fresh for your cat throughout the day, for up to two days. The unit has two separate 48-hour timers included for each section that you can set to open the two sections separately or both at once, which automatically feed your cat. The feeder runs on two AA batteries for the timers. Freeze the ice pack, place it in the feeder, add cold canned food and set the timer to open the lid and feed your cat. The unit also works with dry cat food for which you do not need the ice pack. Cat Mate makes another automatic feeder that comes with two ice packs, the C50, which has five food chambers. You can program the larger unit up to five times per day and for up to five days in advance.

Ergo 8-Day Automatic Cat Feeder

The Ergo Cat Feeder has eight separate sections for food and each one can contain 340gr of food, wet or dry. You program the feeder with a digital timer that runs on three AAA batteries. The timer allows you to choose the time of day the feeder will open to one of its sections and feed your cat. You can also program the timer to feed your cat more than once per day, up to eight times per day, since it has eight sections. Depending on how often you program the timer to feed your cat during the day, the feeder can work for up to eight days. The feeder has ice packs under the main dish to keep canned food fresh for up to 12 hours. Use the dish by freezing the ice packs and adding cold canned food to the container, setting the timer and leaving the dish to feed your cat in its favourite spot anywhere in your home. Since you can record your voice on the unit, it calls your cat for each feeding.

Best Choice LCD 4 Day Auto Food Dispenser

The Best Choice LCD 4-Day Auto Food Dispenser, from Sky Enterprise, U.S.A., has a special cooling chamber that you put either ice cubes or cool packs in to, to keep canned cat food fresh in each of the other 3 separate sections of the feeder. Install four C batteries in the unit to control the timer, which you can program to feed your cat up to three times per day. To alert your cat of feedings, you can record your voice with the unit's personal message recorder. You can schedule feedings in increments of 8, 12 and 24 hours. When feeding dry food instead of wet, use the cooling chamber as a water dish instead of for ice storage.

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