What colors match with beige?

Written by tuesday fuller | 13/05/2017
What colors match with beige?
This door handle has a metallic yellow undertone that matches the yellow in the beige. (Jupiterimages/Photos.com/Getty Images)

Beige is a common colour used for many interior design concepts. It is safe, gender neutral and compatible with many design themes, including contemporary, modern, chic and natural. While the tone can be warm and comforting, the particular beige you are working with may have yellow, red, or green undertones, which can make picking matching colours difficult.

Feminine and Delicate

Beige is often used in elegant designs to create a warm yet delicate feeling in the room. As long as the beige has a red or pink undertone, you can match it with pink, rose or purple to create a decidedly feminine look to a room. To complement this colour scheme, use silver or chrome metallic accents to add interest and sparkle. If your feminine side fancies yellow, pick a beige tone with yellow or orange undertones and select bright, vibrant yellows to bring out the undertone for a unified look. Metals like gold, bronze and copper work well in yellowy-beige rooms. Do not put pink beige against yellow beige; the pink undertone will make the item look dingy against the bright yellow undertone of the other beige.

Masculine and Sophisticated

Putting beige with orange or green undertones alongside blacks and whites adds instant sophistication to the room. Using simple and clean lines helps to keep the room looking strong and masculine. Place accessories with black and white throughout the room to keep the eye moving. To ensure the room doesn't look too predictable, shake up the colour ratio of the black, white and beige by tossing in items with varying patterns and textures that still use black and white but at different amounts or designs. You can also create a masculine design by pairing beige with olive and sage green, dusky yellow and dark green for a billiard room or a home office.

Natural or Rustic

Beige sets an automatic backdrop for natural and rustic colours with its neutral earthy hue. When matched with earthy greens, spicy oranges and rusty reds, or sunlight or dandelion yellows, it creates an immediate reference to woodlands or desert views. Sandy or tan beige tones work well with blues and soft violets to re-create ocean and sunset colour schemes. Beige matched with blue, red and silver creates a winter theme. Chocolate browns, taupe and tan work well for a soothing monochromatic and natural colour scheme. When using beige in rustic or natural designs, use fibrous textures like jute or sisal rugs, bamboo, wool and woods with thick grains. Pay attention, however, and use the same undertones in all your beige colour decorating.

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