The Symptoms of Exposed Black Mold

Written by mayankj | 13/05/2017
The Symptoms of Exposed Black Mold
Headaches and feeling sick are common after exposure to black mould. (Jacqueline Veissid/Photodisc/Getty Images)

Black mould, which is otherwise known as toxic mould, is one of the few types of mould that produces toxic fumes that result in black-mold poisoning. Unlike other mould types, which are relatively harmless except in those who are allergic to them, black mould can harm anyone. Symptoms of black-mold exposure prevent further sickness and allow clean-up of the mould.


Headaches are one of the common symptoms of black-mold exposure. While everyone reacts to the toxins differently, headaches are a problem for most -- even those with minor symptoms or who do not show other symptoms can end up with a headache. For those living in the area that has black mould, a constant or recurring headache is a symptom of concern.

Cold or Flu Symptoms

Cold or flu symptoms are a common reaction to black mould, especially in individuals who are susceptible to the toxins and mould spores. An achy feeling along with coughing, sneezing and sometimes fever are a symptom of black mould. While a single cold or flu that goes away within a week is not cause for alarm, recurring cold and flu symptoms or a cold that lasts longer than a week to ten days may signify black mould.

Coughing Up Blood

Hemoptysis, or coughing up blood, is always a concern. In the case of black mould, hemoptysis is a severe symptom of poisoning. Though general coughing is common for many illnesses, there are not many that result in blood or black debris from dried blood.

Memory Loss

Short- or long-term memory loss is considered a severe symptom of black-mold poisoning. When this occurs, it is imperative to get out of the location and be tested for poisoning at a doctor as soon as possible. Waiting longer can result in death due to toxic mould.

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