What are good items to sell at a craft fair?

Updated February 21, 2017

If you love to create crafts, you can share your talents with the general public and make some extra money by attending local craft fairs. Craft fairs allow vendors to share their wares with a large audience, while giving buyers the chance to find items they cannot get at the local mall. Choosing the right items to sell at the next craft fair can boost your sales and your profits.

Holiday Items

Many craft fairs are held in advance of major holidays, and products with a holiday theme can be hot sellers at those venues. If your craft fair takes place in November, consider stocking your booth with Christmas and winter-themed items. For June craft fairs, think about a Fourth of July theme or an assortment of summer items.

Inexpensive Jewelry

Jewellery is always a popular choice at craft fairs, and providing an assortment of items in a variety of different prices is a good way to boost sales and give your buyers a choice. Providing a variety of small items at reasonable prices is also a great way to draw buyers into your booth to look at your more costly pieces. If you plan to make jewellery to sell at your craft show, it is a good idea to attend a few craft fairs as a buyer to get a feel for what others are making and which items are selling the best.

Practical Items

Selling practical items at your craft fair booth gives buyers products that are both beautiful and functional. Some examples of practical items include hand-sewn purses and backpacks, pet food bowls, baskets, clothing items and furniture. Many craft fair shoppers look for items they can use, as well as items that look great around the house. Look for ways to turn your crafting talents to items your buyers will be proud to use every day.

Framed Local Photos

If you are a good photographer, consider staking out some popular local attractions and landscapes for the upcoming craft fair. Take your best shots, mat them, mount them in attractive frames and offer them for sale at your booth. You can also offer an assortment of unframed shots at lower prices, while using the framed photographs to draw visitors into your booth.

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