The Best 22 Caliber Air Gun Targets for Inside Shooting

Updated April 17, 2017

In the early 1900s, .22-calibre rifles were the popular choice for varmint hunting. Airguns had been around for more than 100 years at the time as Napoleon used them in battles and Lewis and Clark took one to the Pacific. Public interest in a .22-calibre airgun soon led to its production and it remained the leading calibre until 1970. Although .22-calibre airguns have a lower velocity than most .177 calibres, they transfer more energy to the target, so they're better for hunting. If you're unable to shoot outside, you can still set up an indoor range if you have the right backstop.

Champion Heavy Duty Metal Trap

If you want a target trap that can handle any calibre or velocity and do it for a lifetime, this Champion fits the bill. It's made entirely out of heavy-gauge sheet steel and it weighs more than 9.07 Kilogram. Not only will it catch and hold airgun pellets, it can even handle .22 rimfire bullets. It has a spring clip that holds different-sized paper targets, including any target you print on an 8.5-by-11-inch sheet of paper. The dimensions of Champion's Heavy Duty Metal Trap are 11 inches wide by 12 inches high and 8 inches deep. It will catch any pellet or .22 bullet in its bottom reservoir for easy disposal, but never use it with BBs; they'll bounce out.

Archer Airguns Premium "Silent" Pellet Trap

The best target traps for indoor use are the ones that use impact putty to catch pellets and absorb the dust they give off. These backstops are silent on impact, and they keep you from inhaling the dust that your pellets give off when they hit a target. An impact putty target trap lets you practice anytime without bothering others and you don't have to worry about lead dust in the air. An Archer Airguns Premium "Silent" Pellet Trap can handle .22-calibre pellets, and it captures them in a large internal reservoir. A medical doctor created the initial design to maximise safety, and Archer Airguns builds it from 3/4-inch oak and birch plywood. "Elliott on Airguns" author Jock Elliott even calls it "the best pellet trap on earth."

Creedmoor Single-Point Airgun Range

If you'd like to set up an indoor range with targets, you can shoot from a prone, kneeling or standing position. Creedmoor has a solution. Its Single-Point Airgun Range uses a curtain-style backstop to catch pellets at speeds up to 600 feet per second. A pole structure supports the curtain, and it has attachments for three double target boxes. Creedmoor guarantees that these boxes will retain every pellet that enters them, and that means that your pellets won't end up on the floor. The design of this airgun range is so rugged and unique that it's the only airgun target trap that's been tested and endorsed by the U.S. military. More than 600 schools and shooting facilities are currently using this product across the country. It even fits into a 34-by-10-by-8-inch duffel bag for easy transport and storage.

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