Different Ways to Do the Edge of the Wall With Ceramic Tile

Written by sienna condy | 13/05/2017
Different Ways to Do the Edge of the Wall With Ceramic Tile
You can use glass tiles at the edge of a wall to give it a more unusual look. (Jupiterimages/Photos.com/Getty Images)

Whether you're tiling a kitchen wall, a bathroom wall or another wall in your house, you can give the edge of your wall a different look from the rest of your wall to spice up the room. You can construct a tile wall edge from basic tile, or you can use speciality tiles to create a rounded or more elaborate edge.

Keep it Simple

If you're looking for a basic look, keep it simple and tile to the edge of the wall. You can continue and complete a pattern or switch up the pattern as you move across the wall. If ending the edge of a wall with open, bare tile seems incomplete, you can add basic wood trim along the edge of the wall or doorway to give the wall a more finished look.

Create a Border

One of the more popular ways to end the edge of a tile wall is to create a border that looks different from the rest of the wall. You can purchase decorative tiles to add a small dose of an unusual motif, or you create you own border using standard tiles. Use tiles in a different colour to create a simple border, such as black and white, or piece together smaller tiles to make a mosaic wall border. If your wall contains multiple colours, add a creative touch and break up leftover tiles from the wall to make your own unusual mosaic border.

Trim It

For a more traditional edge to your tiled wall, use speciality tiles to trim the space. Wrap curved corner tiles around the edge of the wall to finish the corner or help tile flow into another room, eliminating the need for wood wall or door trim. To end a wall more definitely, add tile trim to the edge of the wall. You can purchase varying widths of tile trim in a wide range of styles, including basic colours and more decorative pieces, from most home improvement or speciality tile stores.

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