Evening Activities for Couples

Updated April 17, 2017

After your relationship advances to the stage where every evening is spent with your partner you may begin to struggle to think of fresh ideas to make your nights fun and romantic. You don't have to take drastic action or resort to doing anything "wild" to reignite that spark. Just make a few adjustments to routine activities to create some special nights for the two of you.


Try stargazing as both a fun and interesting activity to do together. You may need to bundle up depending on where you are in the country and the time of year. Binoculars and telescopes give you an up-close view of the stars, but the sky is an impressive enough sight with just the naked eye. Head to a location where there won't be as much light from the city, or if that is too much of a challenge, then try the local planetarium.


For a nice twist on a romantic meal for two, pack up all your food and enjoy it outside as a picnic on a warm evening. It will give the two of you the opportunity to chat to each other without the distraction of the television or any friends or family members.

Theme Nights

To give your nights in together a change from the norm, create a "theme". Work together to contribute by each selecting items for the night ahead. Choose a nation or region if you wish your theme to be based around your food and wine. Or you could pick a specific genre of movie or music if that is what you wish your night to be about.


To enjoy perfect night in the middle of a hectic working week, treat each other to full body massages. This activity will ensure that both of you are fully relaxed by the time you are finished. Take turns massaging each other with essential oils. Pay special attention to the lower back, as this is the area that takes a lot of the stress from everyday activities.

Board Games

As television and Internet continue to dominate our spare time, turning everything off and getting a board game out can be a nice change. There are several games that are suitable for two people that promote fun communication as well as competition.

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