Serta Perfect Sleeper Specifications

Updated November 21, 2016

Introduced by Serta over 75 years ago, the Serta Perfect Sleeper has become a standard in mattresses. As David Cloud, CEO of the National Sleep Foundation, noted in a press release announcing a partnership with Serta, "One factor that most people overlook when it comes to improving their sleep is the importance of the mattress."

Continuous Support Innerspring Design

Coil spring interiors have long been the norm in mattress design. However, the Serta Perfect Sleeper employs a unique and patented interlocking system that ensures each spring is connected to the next. The innerspring system is not simply located in the centre but instead runs the full length of the mattress.

Memory Foam and Latex Foam

Cushioned to help form the mattress to the specific contours of the individual, memory foam is used to create a comfortable surface to the mattress. Since memory foam is constructed to form around the sleeper, there is less stress on the pressure points. In addition, the memory foam cushioning encourages airflow, so the sleeper does not become too cold or hot during the night. The latex foam is also antimicrobial and hypoallergenic.

Double-Beam Foundation

While the interior of the mattress provides support and the memory foam comfort, the StabL-Base Double Beam Foundation that frames the mattress promotes longevity. In addition to providing the necessary strength to keep the mattress in top shape, the foundation also allows for individuals to sleep undisturbed by the movements of their partner.

10 Year Limited Warranty

While Serta's strict quality standards help prevent many faulty products from leaving their factories, Serta still provides a limited 10 year warranty on all Serta Perfect Sleepers. This warranty covers any defectiveness concerning the manufacturing of the product. The warranty does not cover any damages incurred by the owner. However, if a mattress is found to be defective, Serta will replace or repair the mattress without charge to the owner.

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