Swiss Army Knife Tricks

Updated February 21, 2017

Swiss Army knives have a number of different tools and gadgets on them which can be used for a wide variety of purposes. A number of different tricks can be done with the items on the Swiss Army knife. Knowledge of these tools and tricks may help you to decide which model of Swiss Army knife to buy.

Magnifying Glass

A number of different Swiss Army Knife models have small, intense magnifying lenses installed, which can come in handy in survival situations. By directing sunlight through a magnifying glass lens, a fire can be started by the intense beam that is created. This can be integral for situations in which you need a fire and there are no matches or a lighter.


Many Swiss Army Knives also have hooks on them which allow people to undo knots more easily. Slide the point of the hook into a knot and begin to pull up, creating space within the knot. This a useful tool when trying to get knots out of the laces of boots, of back packs or of pieces of string or cord which have become tangled and that you will need to tighten.

Flathead Screw Driver

The flathead screw driver tool on the Swiss Army Knife may be the most important one, as it can unscrew both flat head and Phillips head screws. The end of a flat head screw driver can also be resharpened if it is used regularly by filing down each side on a cement wall or against a piece of stone, allowing it to maintain a point and work effectively as a screw driver.

Belt Clip

On the outside of most Swiss Army Knives, there are metal loops with key rings running through them so you can effectively connect your Swiss Army Knife to your keychain and always have it with you. When out in the wilderness, it may be a good idea to connect your Swiss Army Knife directly to your belt with either a chain or a metal clip, so that there is no chance you will lose it.

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