Ideas for a homemade birthday card for my grandpa

Updated April 17, 2017

You could just buy your grandpa a card next time you're in town with your mom and dad, or ask mom to buy one for you to give him. However, it is far more special to give him a homemade card. The effort and imagination put into the card makes it more personal than a store-bought one. Grandpa will be impressed that you have gone to the trouble to make him a card that no one else on the whole planet will have.

The Basic Card

A piece of card stock folded in half makes a good base for the card. Use a ruler to find the middle of the card. Ask your mom or dad to help you if you need to. When you've found the middle of the card, use the ruler by holding it down through the middle and folding the card along its edge. This will give you a nice, sharp fold.

His Age

Put Grandpa's age on the top of the card, especially if he's reached a milestone like the turn of a decade. If he's 60, 70 or 80, make a feature of it. It's something to shout about.

Send Him Yourself

Glue a picture of yourself on the front of the card. A cute photo of you will always make Grandpa smile. Get mom or dad to take a special one if you have thought about it early enough. Hold up a sign wishing him happy birthday, or give him a thumbs up.

Make a Collage

Stick lots of small pictures of the whole family on the front of the card if you prefer. Include pictures of your brothers and sisters, especially if they are too small to make cards themselves. Cut the pictures into shapes that fit well together using paper scissors.

Grandpa's Hobbies

Other pictures you could choose to stick on the front of your card should be special to your grandpa. If he likes golf or fishing, cut pictures of these activities out of old magazines to put on the card.

Do Your Own Artwork

Using crayons, markers or paints (with the permission of mom and dad, and on top of a newspaper to avoid making a mess) create a picture yourself. Again, make it something special to grandpa, by painting his favourite pet, for example. You can always look at some ready-made grandpa birthday cards to give you some ideas.

Bits and Pieces

Using glue, stick anything you find pretty and eye-catching on the front of the card. Go wild with glitter and fill in gaps with florescent pens. Make the card a riot of colour and it's sure to brighten Grandpa's day.

Fill With Love

The inside of the card is also important. Write a short poem if you can or ask mom or dad to find a poem for you online. Or, just write "HAPPY BIRTHDAY GRANDPA!" in large letters, maybe covering the letters in glue and sprinkling them with glitter, or colouring each letter differently.

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