10 Fair Trade Products

Updated November 21, 2016

In the enormous world of consumer products, it is easy to get lost in the maze of nutritional values, organic products and prices. Adding socially conscious movements like Fair Trade, in which farmers in underdeveloped nations are guaranteed a fair price by their distributors, can cause additional anxiety. Fortunately, finding Fair Trade products is simply a matter of knowing where to look.

Ben & Jerry's Ice Cream

Known for their lowing cows and wide assortment of flavours, Ben & Jerry's also goes the extra mile in providing Fair Trade Certified products. You can eat any of their vanilla, chocolate or coffee flavoured ice cream products knowing that the farmers who produced those products are being treated fairly.

Seattle's Best Coffee

Famous for their coffee stands and fresh-brewed pots, Seattle's Best also provides a Fair Trade and Organically certified French Roast blend. Ask for it the next time you get a chance.


The juggernaut of the North American coffee world is getting in on the Fair Trade game as well. Next time you walk to your neighbourhood Starbuck's, tell the barista to serve you their special "Café Estima."


If you are fortunate enough to live near one of these bulk suppliers, you can comfort yourself with the fact that the Kirkland Signature FTC Coffee is doing good for producers in disadvantaged communities around the world.


If you are looking for a little wine to go with the romantic meal you have planned tonight, you can stop by Target pick up some Wandering Grape Fair Trade Certified wines. While you are there, you might as well stock up on Archer Farms Fair Trade Certified coffee, too.


Wal-Mart offers a couple of Fair Trade Certified products. Their coffee is Fair Trade Certified as well as Peterson Farms chocolate-covered dried cherries.

Whole Foods Market

If there were prizes given out to large chains stores for largest quantity of Fair Trade products then Whole Foods would take the cake. They offer Fair Trade coffee, rice, tea, flowers, chocolate, wine, skin care products, energy bars and sugar.


Stores that carry the Safeway brand support the Fair Trade movement through the coffee, tea and sugar that they offer. Be sure that these products clearly show the Fair Trade label on them.

Einstein Bros. Bagels

If you like Einstein's , choose the Global Village Fair Trade Blend to accompany your next breakfast bagel.

Tully's Coffee

Finally, to wrap things up, head down to Tully's Coffee and ask for any hot or iced espresso. After reading through all of these suggestions, you might just need one.

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