Symptoms of a bad intake manifold gasket

Written by jen davis | 13/05/2017
Symptoms of a bad intake manifold gasket
A bad intake manifold gasket is a serious engine problem. (Jupiterimages/BananaStock/Getty Images)

If your intake manifold gasket becomes cracked or fails, you can expect to encounter a number of problems with your vehicle's engine. Replacing the intake manifold gasket can be an expensive repair, costing anywhere from several hundred dollars to more than £650, depending on the car. There are several symptoms of a cracked or blown intake manifold gasket.

Coolant Leaks

When the intake manifold gasket cracks or blows out, your car's coolant will leak out of the intake manifold. You may see puddles underneath your car or notice smoke or steam coming off of the engine and exhaust from the coolant dripping onto it and then burning.


If the intake manifold gasket fails and allows coolant to leak out into the engine, your car will begin to overheat. If your car frequently runs low on coolant or begins to overheat, check the intake manifold gasket.

Running Poorly

When the intake manifold gasket falters, it affects the way the motor handles its emission gases. The change in pressure can affect the vacuum in the intake as well as how smoothly your car runs. Mainly, it will idle roughly and may hesitate, cough or sputter.

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