1950s hairstyles with a ponytail

Written by megan allen | 13/05/2017
1950s hairstyles with a ponytail
The ponytail is a classic 1950s hairstyle. (Valueline/Valueline/Getty Images)

In the 1950s, one of the most fashionable hairstyles for girls, teens and young women was the ponytail, according to Hairstyles-Updo.com. Girls and teens wore ponytails with rolled-up jeans, sneakers and baggy shirts for casual looks. Young women also wore the ponytail with dresses and skirts to school and work. The ponytail could be dressed up with variations on the style and worn for more formal occasions.


A classic 1950s ponytail started with the hair gathered into a ponytail and placed in the middle of the back of the head. A small chiffon scarf added a feminine accent. Younger girls wore their ponytails with a clip-on bow to match their outfits. The classic ponytail also had short fringe about mid-forehead length. Girls copied Audrey Hepburn and other Hollywood actresses whose short fringe set the trend. Sometimes girls wore spit curls with the classic ponytail. You could make side spit curls by cutting a small section of hair by the ears, wetting it with spit or water, and curving the hair on the cheeks.


Curly hair was in style during the 1950s. For those with straight hair, harsh chemical perms or complicated arrangements of rollers were necessary to achieve the curly ponytail look which had short fringe and a high ponytail.

Bouffant Ponytail

Bouffant or big hairstyles were a fashionable trend in the 1950s. Girls created a bouffant ponytail by using setting lotion and big rollers worn for at least several hours. After removing the rollers, hair was teased or backcombed from the forehead and gathered into a ponytail. The end of the ponytail curved into a flip. A substantial amount of hairspray held the hairstyle in place.


An updo ponytail was another variation of the dressy ponytail. This style consisted of a high ponytail located on the top of the head with the ends turned under and pinned to the head for a more formal look.

Bun Ponytail

For this look, girls gathered the hair into a mid-back ponytail and twisted it into a coiled bun. Hair clips fastened the bun to the back of the head. Tied with a short chiffon scarf, this style was popular with actresses in the 1950s and women who wanted to attain their look.

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