Teenage Girl's 14th Birthday Ideas

Updated February 21, 2017

The anticipation and excitement of gathering with good friends for a birthday party is a special feeling for teenage girls. If your daughter is turning 14, throw her a celebration that fits her personality and style. Involve her in the party planning and listen closely to her input and ideas. While you may not agree on everything, chances are you'll be able to reach a happy compromise.

Theme Party

Choose a theme for your girl's 14th birthday party. While themes may seem like something reserved for young kids, there are limitless ideas that can work for a teen. If she and her friends have an obsession with a music or television star, base the theme on him. For a girl who loves a certain sport, incorporate this into her party planning. A cake, decorations and invitations can usually be easily customised to fit a specific theme.

Birthday Trip

If your daughter would prefer a gathering with just one or two close friends, take them on a short birthday trip instead of holding a traditional party. Choose a weekend near her birthday where the girls have a day or two off school. When you're planning the event, sit down with your daughter and discuss three or four places that aren't too far away that fit your budget. It could be anything from a weekend at a theme park to a few days camping in the woods. Let her make the final decision and coordinate with the parents of the travel guests to keep them as informed as possible.

Party Location

Choose a party location for the 14th birthday girl that fits the type of party you're holding. She may prefer a movie night slumber party at home or a sophisticated evening with friends at a high-class restaurant. If you're holding the party at a location away from home, check with the venue at least two months in advance to be sure the proper space is available. Be prepared to pay a deposit at this time. While not required everywhere, many places need some type of a down payment.

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