Gifts for Moms Going Back to Work

Updated April 17, 2017

Women returning to the workplace after giving birth are faced with a number of problems to solve, like arranging childcare, finding time for work and her family, pursuing her goals professionally and settling back into a successful work routine. These problems are exacerbated by little details, like having clothes that still fit or continuing to look professional while carrying diapers. Giving the new mother gifts that are practical and fit her new lifestyle is a way to show her that you support her decision to return to the workplace and you admire her courage.

Professional Diaper Bag

Mothers returning to work must be prepared for emergencies at home or in the office and must have the tools necessary to complete any task. A professional-looking diaper bag is a useful device for mothers who need to be prepared but look professional simultaneously.

Portable Breast Pump

Although some mothers return to work when their children are quite young, they don't want their children to miss out on the nutritional and emotional benefits of their breast milk. Portable pumps are quiet and discreet, making pumping breast milk in the workplace easy.

Spa Visit

Working mothers combine aspects of two stressful activities: working and parenting. These stresses compound easily and quickly, and can put a lot of strain on anyone. A day at the spa for a working mother is a great gift to give her some time for herself in a calm, relaxing environment.

Gift Token to a Clothing Store

A mother returning to work often faces the difficulty of fitting into her pre-pregnancy work wardrobe, an inevitability that adds stress and anxiety to her day. Plus, any clothes that still fit may have been soiled by her new baby. Giving her a gift token to a store that sells clothes that fit the requirements of her workplace is a way to give her the freedom to purchase what she needs to and to reduce any anxiety about appearances.

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