Careers in Mac Makeup

Updated July 20, 2017

MAC Cosmetics is a well-known make-up brand owned by Estee Lauder Companies. The brand is popular for its professional grade make-up, bold colours and accessories. The cosmetic company also is known for its charity work, recycling program and refusal to test on animals. MAC is always looking for talented individuals to represent its make-up line.

Professional make-up artist

MAC is sold in more than 70 countries and territories and requires make-up artists to work the front counter and sell make-up in numerous stores. Prior experience is an asset as MAC does not offer beauty classes for aspiring make-up artists, however some advance classes may be available for professional artists. Inquiries about working at the MAC counter should be made with each individual store manager. Some MAC Cosmetics also are located inside certain department and speciality stores; in this case employment inquiries should be made to the Human Resources Director.

Senior artist

A MAC Senior Artist will have a broad knowledge of the cosmetics industry and extensive experience. Senior Artists careers are only available in major markets and the position requires worldwide travel to work on various events. Applicants should not expect a typical interview for this type of position. A demonstration of make-up skills is part of the process, and candidates also should have a portfolio and video prepared.

Other opportunities

Various other career opportunities are available at MAC'S corporate office. These positions can range from public relations to marketing to product development to legal. Corporate office opportunities are posted on the Estee Lauder Companies web site. Field positions also become available on occasion and resumes for these positions can be forwarded directly to MAC'S human resources department in New York City. There are no modelling careers available with MAC Cosmetics.

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