Catholic gifts for priests

Updated April 17, 2017

Finding original gifts for Catholic priests, particularly Catholic or Catholicism-inspired gifts, can be difficult--especially for an older or more traditional priest. Consider his origins, his order and his interests when seeking a gift. A Jesuit priest and a Dominican priest will have different approaches to their faith than each other and their diocesan counterparts. Similarly, priests from Poland and India will have very different heritages, which are reflected in their pastoral duties and cultural experiences.


Religious icons are generally works of art that are easily recognisable symbols from the Catholic faith, such as the Madonna and Child, the Last Supper and other images, says Jacqui Courtney, Campus Lay Minister at St. Albert Catholic Chapel and Student Center. Iconography can include paintings, statues or sculptures.


Relics are ranked into three classes: first class relics, of which sale is prohibited by the Catholic Church, include a piece of a saint's hair, clothing or bone. Second class relics are also not to be bought or sold, and are articles owned by the saints or "instruments of torture used against a martyr," according to FishEaters. Third class relics are any item that has been touched to a first or second class relic and can be made by touching an object to the relic. A relic of the patron or patroness of your priest's home church or home country, or the saint under whom he was confirmed, makes a heartfelt and personal relic and can be given to honour a priest on the anniversary of his ordination.


Particularly special for priests is a trip to the Vatican or another, similar pilgrimage. An opportunity to tour the Holy Land, Roman churches or the Holy See is an opportunity to grow closer to the origins of the Catholic faith and its rich history.

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