Most Valuable Vinyl Records

Updated February 21, 2017

Vinyl records can be found in many record shops around the world. However, there are some records that are often very rare and hard to find. This is especially true of first printings or albums with unusual histories. Collecting these records would cost a high investment of personal capital. Some of these records cost over half a million dollars while others cost at least £16,250 to £26,000 a piece.

"Double Fantasy"

John Lennon released the album "Double Fantasy" in 1980. It was an album he created with his wife Yoko Ono contributing half of the songs. He signed a copy of the record for a young man named Mark David Chapman. Five hours later, Chapman assassinated John Lennon. According to Music Stack, this copy of "Double Fantasy" is worth an estimated £341,250.

"That'll Be The Day/In Spite of All the Danger"

In 1958, an early version of the Beatles, named the Quarrymen, printed one vinyl copy of a single. There were two covers on the single, "That'll Be The Day" and "In Spite of All the Danger." Paul McCartney of the Beatles owns this record. According to the Rock List website, it is the most expensive record in England, with a price of over 45359 Kilogram or £123,500.

"Yesterday and Today"

In 1966, the Beatles released an album in America called "Yesterday and Today." This album featured a cover that showed the Beatles dressed in butcher clothing. They were covered in raw meat and baby doll parts. It caused such a stir that the records were recalled. A more innocuous sleeve was plastered over the original. Very few copies of the original "butcher" album exist. According to the Edu Book website they sell for up to £26,000 a piece.

"The Velvet Underground and Nico"

The Velvet Underground, featuring now well-known singer and songwriter Lou Reed, released this self titled album in 1966. It was produced by Andy Warhol and is incredibly rare in its original pressing. This pressing features tracks that differ from all other official releases of the album. It also doesn't feature the banana cover designed by Warhol. According to Edu Book, this album sold on eBay for £16,250. However, it is estimated by Music Stack to be worth £26,000.

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