Ideas on How to Reface Kitchen Cabinets With Wallpaper

Updated February 21, 2017

Using wallpaper to reface kitchen cabinets is an inexpensive way to give cabinets a new look. It will also save time and eliminate the inconvenience of having the kitchen cabinet doors removed. Select wallpaper designs that tie in to existing wall colours or go for an entirely new look and theme to create a customised appearance for the kitchen cabinets and decor

Framed Wallpaper

Wallpaper can be used creatively as artwork to give kitchen cabinets a new look. This will also allow you to use floral designs and patterned wallpapers, versus limiting your choices to solid colours. Use a spray adhesive or glue to mount the wallpaper on the raised panel portion of the door, letting the outer moulding serve as a frame for the wallpaper. Paint the frame to coordinate with the colours of the kitchen.

Woodgrain Look-Alikes

Use wallpapers that mimic the look of wood to convert painted cabinets to ones that look like wooden cabinets. Use wallpaper that is washable and easy to clean. For a lighter look in the kitchen, stick with wallpapers that replicate the look of birch, ash, maple and poplar. The light colour will help the kitchen appear bigger and brighter. To make a kitchen cosier, choose wallpapers that mimic medium to darker woods like mahogany, cherry or walnut. Apply the wallpaper to the door facing only, and then use a solid colour paint or matching wood stain on the edges to avoid having to cut in the wallpaper on the cabinet edges and tricky areas around the cabinet hinges. Remove knobs and reattach them after applying the wallpaper to the cabinet doors.

Contemporary Solid Colors

Solids and textures can be effective in giving cabinets a contemporary look. By using a solid colour, you can create a "colour block" that ties in and accents the main colour palette in the overall kitchen design. For example, in a kitchen that is primarily black and white, use a solid coloured wallpaper in red to add drama and character. In a kitchen with a blue and white theme, use solid or textured yellow wallpaper for a distinctive look. Narrow wallpaper choices by making sure that the wallpaper is washable.

Wallpaper Borders

Borders can be used to reface and give cabinets a fresh look for even less money and time. Borders can be added to existing painted or wooden cabinets easily. Simply sand the surface where the border will be applied and use an adhesive that is appropriate for the existing surface, such as one that is right for wood, painted cabinets or veneers. Use the same wallpaper border pattern to create a matching backsplash behind the sink or stove to pull together a new look for the kitchen.

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