What Are Some Good Ways to Advertise Private Home Care?

Updated March 23, 2017

The Bureau of Labor Statistics expects the demand for private home health care workers to grow by about 46 per cent between 2008 and 2018. So the outlook is bright if you have decided to embark on a career as an independent worker or to start your own private home care business. Brainstorm some ideas for how to advertise your home care services to set your service apart from the competition.


Speak to the administrators at hospitals in your area to discuss the possibility of advertising your services at these locations. You can leave your business cards at nursing stations or hang flyers on notice boards in hospital cafeterias or waiting rooms for potential customers to find your information. You can also investigate the possibility of forming some type of partnership with the hospital to refer your services to visitors who request this private home care for loved ones.

Direct Mail

Another way to advertise private home care services is via direct mail. You can send flyers directly to the homes of potential clients. Direct-mail companies allow you to target very specific groups of people, so in this case you could choose to target senior citizens or people of a certain age who are taking care of parents and looking for assistance from a professional. Some direct-mail companies also maintain databases of people who have specifically requested home care services. Keep in mind that in many cases, the more targeted your list of customers, the more expensive the list.


Some churches make it a point to stay in touch with and provide helpful services to "shut-ins" (people who are disabled and cannot leave the home). In some cases, the church may need a qualified professional for referral to a shut-in for private home care. Talk to church leaders to discuss advertising your services at the church, such as on a public notice board or in the printed program provided at services. Church representatives may also provide your business cards to people who need the help if they hear positive feedback about your services.

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