Swivel Chair Safety Precautions

Updated April 17, 2017

Many people use swivel chairs at home, the office or other work places, and they use them for hours every day. According to the web site You Claim, accidents involving swivel chairs are common and usually attributed to misuse. Simple safety precautions cannot only help safely secure the chair but also can help users avoid body stress and strain.


Inspect the swivel chair every month for any broken or bent parts. Tighten any loose screw or bolts and replace or repair any damaged parts immediately.


According to web site Stairlift-info, movable components on swivel chairs, especially those on chair lifts, should be greased every six to 12 months, depending on use.


Remove defective chairs from the workplace, workstation or home.


Only use the chair for what it was designed -- sitting.

Standing or leaning

Never stand on or lean back in a swivel chair.


Swivel chairs should be high enough to allow the occupant to have both feet comfortably rest flat on the floor. A higher swivel chair, such as a bar stool, should have a rang to support the feet.


All office or task swivel chairs should have adjustable arms and tilted seats. They also should turn easily with a back cushion lumbar support that reflects the arch of the back. These tips also apply to children. The Canadian Safety Council says that when children sit at computer workstations in swivel chairs designed for adults for long periods, they are at risk of repetitive stress injuries and painful disorders that affect joints, nerves, muscles and tendons.


If the chair has a locking device, always engage the device before using the chair. This especially applies to barber chairs when children are in them.

Wheel --base

Swivel chairs with a five-point base are the most stable and offer easy movement.


To avoid body stress, chairs should have adjustments for armrest positions, backrest tilt and height, seat pan tilt and seat height. These controls should be easy to reach and adjust.


If the swivel chair has wheels, be sure they rotate easily, have no friction and change direction smoothly. Check and replace any cracked or unbalanced casters immediately, and be sure replacements are the appropriate size.


Place a mat under a swivel chair without wheels or skidproof tips if it sits on a slick floor. The mat will prevent the chair from slipping.

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